5 Things You Need to Know About Heart Attacks

On May 8th, 2023, Amgen published its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) report 2022. The report gives a transparent overview of our activities and objectives in the areas of Healthy People, Healthy Society, Healthy Planet, and Healthy Amgen; the four strategic pillars as foundation for our Amgen’s ESG framework.

Healthy planet represents our Environmental Sustainability 2027 goals with ambitious targets for becoming carbon neutral, 40% reduction of water consumption and 75% reduction of waste by 2027. At Amgen Breda, we have several projects executed over the last years that are aligned with the Amgen ambition. We’d like to share the infographic below with some of our successes. We expect this list of sustainability successes to become longer in the years to come!

For more information, read our ESG report 2022.